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Do you find it difficult to see things at a distance? Do the letters in the newspaper or a book that you're reading appear blurred? Perhaps it is time you went for an eye test.


At Oak Optometrists, our team can accurately diagnose your problem and offer you services accordingly. Contact us if you need help with your vision issues in Edgware.

  • Aspheric

  • Polarised

  • Scratch protection

  • Ultraviolet filter

  • Anti-reflective

  • Photochromic

  • Children's vision

  • Vision after the age of 40

  • Eye problems that occur in diabetic patients

  • Dry eyes

  • Conjunctivitis and more

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To keep your eyes healthy, you should get regular eye check-ups done every year. At Oak Optometrists, our team is well trained and equipped with high quality diagnostic machinery to give you accurate diagnosis.


If you want to buy a new pair of glasses or need any other optometrist service, visit us today.

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